Stefano Zoli

‘It’s my wish that my wines talk to you about these mountains, these primal woods, these sunrises and these sunsets…
That they talk to you about light.’


The valley of Matelica, in the Marche region, is a unique territory. Set amongst the Appenine Mountains, with a huge temperature difference between day and night, ancient chalky soils and crystal clear air.
The perfect place for a great Mountain Verdicchio.


An old vineyard is like a monument; rough and twisted vines shaped by man and nature.
From there I started to make my first wine.
Less than a hectare in size, with vines over 50 years old and facing south-east, every task is carried out by hand
and treatments are done with only small doses of sulphur and copper.
A tiny harvest striving for excellence.


I love wines that are sincere, vibrant and lively The ones where one sip leads to another and accompanies you through a discovery and a rhythm For me wine represents a balance between all the parts; inviting you to drink it, then surprising you with its complexity Here amongst these vines, with these wise old ladies that keep me company I try with every gesture to interpret and feel this territory Through Matelica, deep inside me I have a game of intimacy, of freedom The vine, the wine and my world In the cellar I let the grapes and the vintage express themselves. There are no shortcuts or tricks, I simply preserve what the vines gave me I look for the most crystalline, carefree and clear aspect of the grape variety Limited number of bottles available for the first harvest of 2020 A preview – artisinal, softly breathing and powerful – it’s ready to tell its story For those who travel, experiment and interact with nature.

Data sheet 2020 Verdicchio di Matelica

Grape: 100% Verdicchio, age of vineyard 55 years old
DOC: Verdicchio di Matelica
Soil: Chalky limestone
Altitude: 430m a.s.l.
Facing: suth-est
Implant: 2,5mx1,2m, 3500 vines per hectar
Vine growing: double inverted system
Harvest: hand made small cases
Harvest time: half October
Pressing: soft, whole grape covered by dry ice
Clarification: cold static
Temp. Ferm.: 18-19°C
Fermentation: steel and concrete vats
Yeast: native pied de cuve
Ageing: 5 months sur lies 2 months bottle
Alcool: 13%
pH: 3,1
Ac. Tot: 7gr/lt
Best together with a good sound like:
“Pushin’ On” The Quantic Soul Orchestra

Stefano Zoli | Verdicchio di Matelica DOC